By Steven Inge | Mar 16, 2022

What Were Weddings Like in the 1920’s?

Weddings in the 1920’s were classically stylish and a lot of fun but what was their choice of flowers, fashion, music, cake and photography like?

What Were Weddings Like in the 1920’s?

Wedding celebrations have changed enormously over the years, with each new decade bringing a whole host of brand new traditions. One of our favorite periods of history has got to be the roaring 20s, when wedding celebrations were chic, stylish and brilliantly entertaining.

Most newlyweds in the roaring 20s were relatively young, especially by today’s standards. Brides, on average, were around 21 years old with grooms only a few years older at 24. So, how did these young couples choose to spend one of the most important days of their lives, and what did their friends and family do to send them on their way into married life?

Take a step back in time with us as we find out all about the weddings of the spectacular 20s, from the venues couples chose to the fabulous outfits they picked for their special day.


In the 1920s, brides wanted to make a statement. They did just that with their bouquets! The bouquets of the era were bold, bright and always oversized. Just take a look at some wedding photography from the time and you’ll see plenty of examples of bouquets that were definitely not designed to fade into the background.

If you’d like to emulate the look for your wedding, be brave with your floral designs. Ask your florist for something inspired by the roaring 20s and let them work their magic to create a showstopper of a bouquet for you.


The 1920s was a monumental decade for fashion. It was a period of fun and frivolity, and fashion reflected this. Bridal trends took inspiration from the most popular looks of the time, and began to take on a more streamlined silhouette. We also saw lower waistlines and necklines, along with beautifully intricate detailing such as embroidery, beading and the finest finishing touches.

Brides tended to accessorize with headdresses, but veils also remained popular. Many brides also chose to finish their look with cloche hats, a staple of 1920s fashion that perfectly complemented some of the more relaxed wedding styles of the day.


Music is of course essential for any wedding celebration, and things were no different in the 1920s. Guests usually partied to the sounds of live jazz bands or blues musicians. Well-to-do couples treated their guests to some fanciful entertainment, with live singers often appearing at evening parties.

Some of the most popular songs of the time included jazz hits such as "Dinah" and "Bye Bye Blackbird". There were huge transformations in the world of dance during this time too, with the new dances of the era taking over dance floors at weddings all over the country. Popular choices included everything from the Waltz and the Tango to the Foxtrot and of course the Charleston.


Wedding cakes started to become far more common during the 1920s, with the introduction of more affordable options that most couples could treat themselves to. Art deco styling made a regular appearance on wedding cakes during this period, with some couples really pushing the boat out when it came to wedding cake design.

The royal wedding of King George VI in 1923 provided plenty of inspiration for engaged couples. The cake at this wedding was no less than 10 feet high! The 800-pound creation was intricately decorated with cherubs, flowers and iced figurines, and many couples sought to emulate it over the years that followed.


Not every couple could afford a wedding photographer in the 1920s, but photography did start to become a far more common part of wedding planning during this time. Look back over old photographs from the era and you’ll find that the images were quite formal in nature, with couples and close family members usually posed outside of the wedding venue.

In the 1920s, couples tended to have relatively few wedding portraits taken, so there weren’t so many photos for the happy couple to look back on afterward. However, the photography of the era is brilliant if you’re looking for inspiration for a roaring 20s style wedding. Browse the impressive collection of roaring 20s wedding photography, compiled by the National Portrait Gallery, to see how couples were styled during the period.

We love looking back at images of the weddings of the past to see how couples have celebrated their love through the ages. The weddings of the roaring 20s were as bold, entertaining and exciting as you might expect, with everything from fashion and music to the flowers and cakes designed to make an impression. And of course, wedding photographers were always there to capture those stunning 20s styles. If you’re looking for an amazing photographer for your special day, we’re here to help. Use Wedmatch to find the best local photographers in your area. You’ll soon find one that’s perfect for the day you have in mind. Take our free quiz to find the ideal photographer for your special day!