About Us

Who we are

Our Vision

Finding wedding vendors is now easy, fun, and efficient. Gone are the days of spending hours upon hours scrolling through listings of wedding vendors. We want the vendor search process to be simple and transparent so that weddings can be more exciting and less stressful.

Our Mission

At WedMatch, we make searching for wedding vendors visual and interactive through online quizzes. Think of it as a mix between Pinterest, a BuzzFeed quiz, and a dating app. We’re 100% focused on instantly matching you with the right vendors, completely free.

Who We Are

WedMatch was founded by an award winning wedding photographer that believes it’s much too hard to search for wedding photographers.

After photographing hundreds of weddings as Steven and Lily Photography, we realized that the other sites out there are extremely inefficient, overwhelming, and fail to align the incentives of the couples and the photographers. We created WedMatch to fix all of that!